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Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact

With our performance-oriented track record, we tend to offer our functional testing services to clients associated with different types of verticals including e-commerce, IT, travel, technology, and many more.

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With the increasing demands of complex & dynamic solutions with limited resources. We, at MAMSYS, assist software vendors as well as business software users thus, assuring them that the software in concern is functioning perfectly. We begin our process by assessing the application objectives. We then define the implementation plan in order to align the functional testing objectives.

In order to get rid of all the critical defects in your current system, we begin with Business Requirement documents. We also generate full coverage end-to-end business scenarios to do so.

  • Correctness
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Integrity
  • Conformity

Perform functional testing, and determine if the finished product provides everything that you require.

How can mamsys help you?

Functional Testing Services

MAMSYS, no matter what types of risks are involved, assures quality software product via its functional testing services. Our team has an expertise in usability testing and puts great effort in Quality Assurance. By this, we mean we test the client application in accordance with the goals and set parameters. Moreover, the professionals, at MAMSYS, are proficient in performing the tasks like efficient compatibility testing, error-free integration, and improved reliability of the applications that are cost-efficient in the least possible time.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of the software that has been developed and to assess the performance quality of different functional components. We find it crucial to perform the functional testing services at the user interface level. We do so in order to disclose a variety of deficiencies which you cannot view immediately while performing a source code review. We give preference for testing the usability of an application rather than the complexity associated with the internal workings of an application.

Our cross-trained and expert team at MAMSYS provide support to a variety of verticals. We always focus on improving the quality of the product and we make sure to provide a cost-efficient test cycle. The availability of a robust infrastructure and disaster-recovery strategy enables us to offer 24X7 continuous testing services.

The Need for Functional Testing

Functional testing is required to determine the compliance of an application with the specified requirements. It’s a kind of GUI (graphical user interface) test that we implement on a complete, integrated system. We require it to look after the effective examination as well as validation of all features, functions, and proficiency of a software product. Some of the tests such as functional test, compatibility, usability, and requirement based testing are used for diminishing the undiscovered defects.

Our Approach

With our performance-oriented track record, we tend to offer our functional testing services to clients associated with different types of verticals including e-commerce, IT, travel, technology, and many more. We, in order to meet all the requirements, conduct a robust approach which helps us to use our proficiency in a wide range of open source tools. The use of open source tools allows you to diminish the testing cost. Moreover, we take into account the Test Automation techniques in order to generate interfaces for conducting low cost regression testing while deploying the software products.

Test Cycle for Requirement-Based Functional Testing

We follow the well-defined and efficient process of the test cycle. The functional testing team, at MAMSYS, implement processes as well as application to any specified testing situation depending on the existing resources. Our requirement-based functional testing approach includes the following key components:

Test Planning

We focus on different kinds of testing format, including functional testing and compatibility testing. Test leads take into account the consumer feedback while specifying the scope of the test, deliverables, and preparation of the test schedule. However, we modify the test plan depending upon the types of issues that occur during the testing cycle.

Functional Decomposition

In order to execute the allotted task, we tend to examine the effectiveness of all the areas thoroughly. We do so by decomposing a system into a number of functional components. After the execution of the independent functional testing, our test team reviews the deliverables for integration.

Traceability Matrix

Developing a traceability matrix allows use to acquire a complete cost-effective and error-free solution. Our team maps every requirement aspect thoroughly, thus developing a completed test design activity. At MAMSYS, we ensure the right tracking of test cases, which gives a more clear picture of the application.

Test Case Execution

We execute the test cases and record the results after implementing the software testing process. We tend to define the execution of the test plans and we do so by taking into account the status of both the software product as well as the test plan. In case the requirement doesn’t go along with the current state of the application, it is delayed until the testing is performed in line with the specified requirements.

Requirements Definition/Verification

If you are moving from conceptual phase to functional code, we can result in the defining and verifying requirements in an effective way. In case the requirements are not met, the expert team at MAMSYS assists the software development team in setting the requirements and generating testable requirements.

Test Case Design

We design personalized test cases to check the functional behavior in accordance with the specified requirements as well as end user experience. We include the customized test cases under the suitable functional partitions.

Coverage Analysis

Our test team performs coverage analysis by acquiring the details exhibited during usability testing, compatibility testing, test automation development, website testing, and other areas associated with functional testing. The process allows the developers to get to know the requirements that were tested successfully and those that need changes.

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