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Automated Testing is useful for extending the reach of the testers work, not to replace it

Our Quality Assurance team, at MAMSYS, endeavor to attain faster time to market, increased test coverage, and improved productivity.  We focus on our objective of providing cost as well as mission-effective test solutions.

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The rapidly changing requirements in the business environment challenge the testing process. At MAMSYS, we identify the area of the product that our client wants to be automated, and we do so by selecting the right automation testing tools. Our expertise in choosing an appropriate tool helps in diminishing the testing schedule as well as costs. With the growth of several online software updates, it has now become a compulsion to conduct regression automation. The organizations, nowadays, undergo several challenges for the software Testing / Automated Software Quality Assurance team. All that an organization need is to implement it with reduced time and cost

Our Quality Assurance team, at MAMSYS, endeavor to attain faster time to market, increased test coverage, and improved productivity. We tend to cover the challenges associated with test automation efforts which include deficiency of trained test automation engineers, test maintenance efforts particularly in an agile product lifecycle, high test environment costs, complicated test data, lack of end-to-end test coverage, and many more.

In order to maintain the balance between several test automation challenges and the ideal test automation framework, we, at MAMSYS, offer our own Automation Test solutions. We focus on our objective of providing cost as well as mission effective test solutions. We do so by using custom-built automation test frameworks.

Why Automation Testing?

The constant change in the applications has facilitated enterprises to spend too much cost and effort on regression testing. Incorporating test automation accelerates the efforts associated with the regression test and that too in a cost effective way. Apart from reducing the time of the regression testing, test automation also helps in reducing the time to market with essential cost savings. We, in order to ensure the appropriate return on investment on all your automation related initiatives, take into account a clear automation strategy.

We have successfully contributed in advising the clients and have supported them in their automation journey. We help you produce the value that you desired. We design our test automation solutions in such a way that it accomplishes all your business objectives.MAMSYS, in order to fulfill your needs and budget, implements a detailed tools evaluation exercise to suggest an optimized tool inventory.

Reduce the manual effort, and save your time and cost to achieve a high return on investment.

Automation Testing Engagement Phases

We focus on the four major software automation testing engagement phases:


We initiate by measuring the project’s functional scope and accomplishing the required knowledge transfer. The process of identifying the core functionality and business application logic helps a team to work efficiently. Our team, in this initial phase, outlines the key requirements for the automated testing and map out the techniques associated with the implementation cost calculation. We do so by using our ready-made project templates or frameworks, which offers the desired results in a short time frame. Once the initial tests have been run by our team, we conduct the automated tests on a daily basis.

Compatibility Testing

This testing process checks the web application compatibility with various browsers, operating system and devices ensuring the flawless working of the application.

Test Development

During the stage of test development, we usually spend our time on description, development, testing and execution of automated tests. Our team, while implementing this stage, endeavors to diminish the resources involved in creating general functionality. However, if the project requires more resources for test development, we, as a result of a successful initial phase can expand our team easily. The time taken while implementing this stage actually depends on the size of the project. In this case, we divide the phases of this active development stage into one month. By doing so, we continue delivering the other results in the meantime.

Automated Test Execution

The next stage, that we follow, is automated test execution, which, basically, relies on the number of change requests that affect the user interface and business logic of the tested application. We use our approach in such a way that the effect of this kind of changes will be kept to a minimum. The approach does not require any additional help to include any changes to automated tests.

Automation Framework

We choose the automation testing framework completely in line with the type of project and the application that is being automated.

Our Approach to Test Automation

Our approach is to work alongside our clients, which help us to devise an automation strategy. Our aim is to offer the best quality software with reduced time to market. We perform a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for calculating the ROI and considering the project in demand, we decide about the requirement of a framework.

Benefits of Test Automation

Reduced Regression Cost

The process of test automation allows you to run the test with much lesser efforts. It also helps you analyze the outputs in the most efficient way.

Faster Time to Market

It helps you reduce the cycle time of the regression testing by up to 80%, which thus allows you to attain quicker releases with a very high frequency.

Improved Testing Quality

It helps you improve the quality of the testing. The process does so by removing the chances of any kind of manual errors. Moreover, it increases the test coverage simultaneously.

Multi-Platform Testing

The process allows you to test across several Operating Systems, browsers, and devices. Doing so will ensure smooth operation for all our clients.

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