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Mamsys end-to-end security methodology incorporates a number of application security elements across different levels of the software development lifecycle, which, thus, increases the customers’ confidence.

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In the current technically advanced world, every company must take into account its network security in order to secure the information enclosed on the network. The larger networks, that include more confidential data needs an adequate level of security to prevent the critical information about their organization. Well, MAMSYS brings to you comprehensive security testing services that ensure smooth functioning of an application. The efficient team at MAMSYS address all the potential issues, thus looking after the mission-critical information.

We tend to overcome all kinds of security failures by using open source tools for website testing, cross-site scripting method, SQL injection technique, and application security. We do so at very reasonable rates. Our certified team of hackers performs the required activities to make sure if your application is protected from any vulnerability. We also make sure to fulfill all the security requirements, including authorization, availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

MAMSYS Security Testing Focus Areas:

  • Network Security
  • System Software Security
  • Client-Side Application Security
  • Server-Side Application Security

Types of Security Testing:

At MAMSYS, we have an expertise in evaluating a large number of applications for security threats. Moreover, we make sure to test your application rigorously for every possible threat and vulnerability. We take into account the following steps:

Initial Scoping:

After receiving the initial order, we begin by executing the initial scoping. We conduct both internal as well as external assessment which is a part of penetration testing service. We further divide it into two different methods of assessment, which include white box and Black box Testing.

Maneuvers Phase:

Now is the time to implement the survey phase. Maneuvers phase involves the two steps, passive and active information gathering. Our team tends to collect as much information as they can about the main target.


Once we have gathered the information by means of passive and active information gathering, we will now execute the required assessment. The services and operating systems that we find in this phase are checked against the latest vulnerability databases. We do so to determine if the host encloses any vulnerability.


The next step is to analyze the data that you have collected above. Continue by creating a report for the consumer and mention the details about the assessment. Moreover, we also summarize the key findings as well as the recommendations.


The created report is then uploaded to the protected document area of MAMSYS. Before we schedule a meeting with the customer, we make sure to present the report to the customers a week before.

Web Application Security

What people use every day to accomplish their daily tasks is the web application layer where you will find a number of vulnerabilities. Different web applications are prone to different risk levels, and you can just get rid of these vulnerabilities by opting for web application security testing. We, at MAMSYS, conduct automatic scanning to detect the web applications that contain vulnerabilities.

In order to detect the exploitable vulnerabilities within the software applications, we implement Application security testing. We do so by conducting the following security testing types.

Static Applications Security Testing (SAST)

It’s a source code & binary code testing technology, which we execute at different phases of the application lifecycle. The phases that we take into account are the design phase, construction phase, and testing phase.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST):

This type of technology is based on a dynamic Black-box / Gray-box application testing, which we execute at the different phases of the application lifecycle. We are talking about operations phase and testing phase here.

The types of attacks which you might find the large systems include Authentication/Authorization Attacks, System Dependency Attacks, Input Attacks, Design Attacks, Information Disclosure Attacks, Logic/Implementation (business model) Attacks, and Cryptographic attacks. MAMSYS take into account all the required measures which help you get rid of these attacks at one go. To conclude, we help you in minimizing the exposure to threats, enhancing management confidence, protecting confidential data, and many more.

To conclude, we focus on the different information system layers across the network, infrastructure, database, and a number of access channels that make the applications safe and free from vulnerabilities. Our end to end methodology incorporates a number of application security elements across different levels of software development lifecycle, which, thus, increases the customers’ confidence.

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