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The experts at MAMSYS endeavor to enhance the end-user experience of several mobile applications. Our mobile application testing services focus on improving the quality of applications.

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Experiencing a tremendous growth in various consumer and enterprise mobile applications in the last few years, this tremendous mobile shift that has happened to a wide range of industries demands the re-engineering of businesses in order to incorporate mobile responsiveness in them. Enterprise, nowadays, has geared up to incorporate a high level of quality in each of their application. The organizations, in the world of smartphones, look forward to competing, increase productivity, enhance revenue, and improve the reputation of their brand.

Mobile Application Testing is Business Critical

The product companies, in order to succeed in the global market, release a number of applications on numerous platforms and devices including Windows, MAC, open source operating systems and various mobile computing devices such as mobile phones, e-readers, and many more. People, usually, face a lot of issues while testing the functionality of a product associated with such smart devices.

We are a testing company, and being associated with mobile quality assurance services, we have specialization in testing a number of applications that are required to support on several operating systems and devices. We have an expertise in testing the applications on the devices such as Android and iOS. Be it a native, web, or hybrid application type, we provide it all. Moreover, we follow an optimized test automation approach that is suitable for both mobiles as well as the non-mobile version of the application.

We, in order to bridge the gap between the complexities of mobile applications and employed testing techniques, offer comprehensive mobile application testing solutions for many of the devices including Android phones, iPhone, iPad, blackberry, etc.

Why MAMSYS Mobile Testing Services?

With the goal of defining most efficient mobile strategies and objectives, we focus on reducing application testing cost and accelerating time to market. The experts at MAMSYS endeavor to enhance the end-user experience of several mobile applications. Our mobile application testing services focus on improving the quality of applications. To do so, we offer more robust coverage. We understand the client’s goal and conduct the test in line with the budget appropriate to the client.

At MAMSYS, We Implement Different Types of Methods For Effective Mobile Testing.

A to Z Mobile Testing Services

The accomplishment of end-to-end mobile application testing solution includes device and platform diversity, short release cycles, deficiency of mature testing tools, and the number of network connectivity requirements. Some of the major categories that we focus on include smartphones, tablets, e-readers, notebooks, and PDAs among others. The arrival of this kind of devices and underlying technology have influenced us to build our specialized test & domain knowledge which we take into account for testing applications as well as content on the devices.

The frameworks created by the team at MAMSYS focus on the additional test coverage for the applications associated with the latest mobile and web technologies which include HTML 5 and CSS 3. Let’s take into account some of the major categories:

  • Mobile app testing for learning content on e-readers and the areas that we focus upon includes mobile application usability testing, mobile application functionality testing, mobile application accessibility testing, mobile application security testing, mobile application performance testing, and mobile instructional design.
  • Testing enterprise-level deployment of devices such as notebooks or e-readers in large scale deployments, for e.g., any governmental organization, and testing of associated applications majorly focusing on performance, functionality, and security.
  • Testing common end-user applications on a number of devices including smartphones, e readers, or notebooks which focus on accessibility, performance, functionality, and usability.

Mobile App Installation Testing

  • We install several Native applications through App Store. The platforms that we focus on include Apple Store, Android Play Store, Blackberry Application World & many others
  • We include the process of checking application behavior with already installed programs on devices
  • We do check application behavior when it is launched for the first time.
  • To un-install, we check application deleting process and ensure that every file related to the application is deleted from the device.

User Acceptance & UI Testing

  • We examine the behaviour in all possible modes
  • We ensure interfaces like Pop-ups, alignments, and other layouts
  • We check for services like Multi-touch and Tilt behaviour
  • We also take into account the visibility of the text in selected language, screens navigation, and verification of functionality online/offline
  • We also ensure applications on a number of devices associated with practical situation, for e.g, usability while using different hands and fingers

Functional Testing

  • We check the functionality of a complete application.
  • We check if an application is specific to a bearer
  • We conduct localization testing which includes checking for functionality for any local language such as French, Spanish, and many more.
  • We check the behavior of applications on receiving calls, SMS, calendar alerts, Low Battery, etc.

Non-Functional Testing

  • We conduct Mobile Application Performance Testing using Emulators, and Device clouds
  • We keep a check on server connection changes to Wifi from 2G/3G
  • We take into account the Application response time, memory leaks, battery consumption, code optimization for the CPU Cycle, and resources like camera, GPS, and many more
  • Our process includes Mobile Application Security testing by means of code Reviews, Static analysis, etc
  • We focus on Encryption/Decryption techniques which are used for sensitive data communication
  • We keep a check on access to files in case the file saved in the app is viewed by any unintended user

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