Manual Application Testing

Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous

At MAMSYS, we offer manual testing services to attain the quality assurance as well as quality engineering needs of the organization. We tend to offer offshore, on-site, and off-site test services focusing on cost efficiency and the quality of the product.

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Manual testing is a method using which a tester find the defects in your application. The tester verifies the features in the application ensuring it’s working. Being a very basic type of testing method helps find the bugs in the application. The main goals of this type of testing are finding the bugs and help build the application defect free and usability of the application is as per the requirements specified in the product document. The tester creates the test plan and executes the testing process manually without the use of automation testing tool.

Have you ever faced such situation when you have used all your development resources while implementing an important project, and that is when another significant project comes in which you cannot ignore? In this case, a company, usually, don’t have enough manpower to test the new project as they have dedicated all their quality assurance resources to some other project. They don’t have the manpower to fully test the new project because their QA resources are dedicated elsewhere.

So, the choices you have now is to hire more number of full-time employees, hire temporary staff, or make your existing staff work overtime. Well, if you go through this scenario frequently, MAMSYS can help you by providing quite an appealing option. Let’s see what kind of testing will help you face this situation.

We begin by selecting a team that will contribute to the accomplishment of the project until it gets completed. The team that we provide will work and coordinate with all your staff including business analysts, developers, and managers. Our professionals, thus, will support you while building a comprehensive test plan, designing test cases, executing the tests rapidly, and rectifying the defects, if any. Our staff will support you till the completion of the project and that too in the way that you want it to get completed.

All in all, we take the complete responsibility of all your testing activities, be it generating an optimized test plan, or providing post production support. Being a professional organization for Manual Software Testing, we endeavor to succeed in your testing process, and we do so by offering extensive reporting with tailored dashboards at regular intervals.

Accomplish all your Quality Engineering & Quality Assurance Needs Through our Cost Effective Test Cycle

Benefits of Manual Testing

To let you fulfill other responsibilities, we, at MAMSYS, are ready to put all the required effort that you can’t afford to expend right now. We provide you with a dedicated set of team, that can help you reduce your costs greatly. Moreover, we will help you reduce your time to production, thus providing your consumers a superior product. Don’t try to divide the available resources at your company as doing so will result in diminished quality. Let us handle all the related task and we will make sure to accomplish your activities in exactly the way you have imagined.

All that we need are good requirements, which will help us to support you successfully. However, even if the documentation is not available, we have a well-trained team who can work with you and can come up with a successful strategy.

How it Works?


We will begin by getting in touch with the concerned person from your organization and will find out what you actually require. Our experts will find out the existing situation of your project, and will get to know about the project deadlines and other related things.


Measuring all the things, we will let you know the accurate estimation of effort. We take into account both the estimation time as well as the number of resources that are needed to complete the project by the specified deadline. We will provide you with your new team on an immediate basis.


The documentation will get approved by you, and once we are done with the development, our team will continue providing its services to you in manual software testing services. Our MAMSYS team will manage all the daily reports and updates throughout the entire manual quality assurance process.

MAMSYS Services

At MAMSYS, we offer manual testing service to attain the quality assurance as well as quality engineering needs of the organization. We tend to offer offshore, on-site, and off-site test services. We, in order to provide a robust team to our clients, take into account the experiences of the engineering solutions as well as the client’s requirements. MAMSYS motivates customer interaction and focuses on the client feedback on a number of projects including core test services, services, performance testing, reliability, robustness, security, compatibility, interoperability, and functionality among others.

The testing experts, at MAMSYS, in addition, to ensure a cost-efficient testing, give preference to the quality of the product. Our team is well versed with the core functional testing, database testing, GUI testing, usability testing, browser compatibility testing, and many more. All in all, the cost-effective and independent manual testing services, at MAMSYS, has made us reach a number of clients worldwide.

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