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We plan this important step in quality assurance in the very initial phase of test cycle

MAMSYS can help you provide Quality Assurance engineering as well as Web Application API Testing Services. We will, thus, assist you in the comprehensive testing of API’s performance & functionality. We have an experience of Testing APIs for some of the big organizations in the tech industry.

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API enables the data exchange and communication procedure between two different software systems. In today’s connected world, API acts as the brain that has strongly held our digital world together. Using API’s, the companies today have become more agile, more mobile friendly and more streamlined and integrated.

It is essential to look after the integrity of API’s and execution of Continuous Testing in complicated distributed environments. With the increasing business impacts on the risks associated with application failure, API’s integrity that an organization generates and consumes is now more significant than ever. MAMSYS API Testing Solution offers unprecedented Test Automation, which, thus, ensures the reliability, security, and performance of your business-critical applications.

MAMSYS Software API Testing solution performs the job of simplifying the complex testing that is essential for business-oriented API’s as well as API-driven applications.

API Testing solution of MAMSYS is designed to simplify the GUI-less APIs testing.
  • It generates easily maintainable and reusable tests with 100 percent coverage
  • It designs sophisticated tests without any coding
  • It automates continuous regression testing with sophisticated validations

Automated Validation

With API’s, it is difficult to test a broad range of conditions, so automation takes place to simplify it. In order to be confident about API’s robustness, we need more extensive and sophisticated automation to fulfill the business objectives. There is a requirement of an automation level that offers an extensive set of functional test cases which you can repeat in a well-organized manner.

MAMSYS brings in an intuitive interface in order to automate complex scenarios across the mainframes, messaging layer, and databases
  • We automate rich multilayer validation across numerous endpoints incorporated in end-to-end test scenarios.
  • We parameterize test messages, configurations, and validations, from data sources, or variables.
  • We define the test flow logic without the need of any scripting.
  • We visualize the flow of messages and events through distributed architectures.

Change Management for Test Assets and Environments

The continuously developing API, while meeting the business demand, assists organizations in staying a step ahead of the competition. We, at MAMSYS, accomplish the need by using Change Advisor. The Change Advisor allows users to evaluate the impact of changes to the current tests. It then quickly updates the currently available tests in line with the recognized change impacts.

Service Virtualization for Simulated Test Environments

Service Virtualization, at MAMSYS, generates simulated test environments that allow you to access the behavior of dependent resources at anywhere and anytime of the day. The dependent resources, here, are difficult to access, unavailable, or problematic to configure for testing or development. “Dependent Resources” might consist of databases, mainframes, databases, web services, mobile app front-ends, third-party applications, or other systems that don’t exist in the team’s direct control. When it comes to API testing, we apply service virtualization in two different ways:

  • We enforce service virtualization to simulate access to the behavior of dependent resource which is required for a thorough validation of your API.
  • We apply service virtualization to simulate the APIs behavior or to allow testing and development to begin before the accomplishment of APIs.

In case your development plans comprise an API that is accessible over the Internet through web services, MAMSYS can help you provide Quality Assurance engineering as well as Web Application API Testing Services. We will, thus, assist you in the comprehensive testing of API’s performance & functionality. We have an experience of Testing APIs for some of the big organizations in the tech industry.

Our API testing methodology involves:

  • API Specification Review that discloses a variety of errors in the implementation before writing a single test case
  • Test Specification Development which includes the details of the test conditions as well as expected results for every test case
  • Test Framework Development for automated test case development
  • Test Case Development, Execution, and Reporting

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