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Utilize our Agile expertise to alleviate your risks. We make sure to address your requirements within each iteration

Accelerate your software release cycle with Mamsys efficient and effective Agile Software Testing. We, at MAMSYS, assist our clients in achieving time to market and reducing the defect slippage. The approach executed at MAMSYS takes into account the quality & timeliness.

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The business organizations, globally, are dealing with some of the challenges like increased consumer demands, enhancements in technology, and unpredictability in business environments. The incorporation of these changes is now influencing most of the businesses to adopt “Agile”, which is a flexible and progressive software development model. Organizations, in order to, realize the potential of an agile environment; tend to integrate the testing with the efforts involved in the development.

Our Services

With an experience of an Agile Model Testing for a number of projects, MAMSYS has an expertise in conducting efficient and effective Agile Software Testing. We create our method of approach in such a way that it gets integrated with the Agile development process of the client. The methodology adopted by us helps a client in adopting automation by implementing several testing techniques. We, at MAMSYS, assist our clients in achieving time to market and reducing the defect slippage. The approach executed at MAMSYS takes into account the quality & timeliness. The lean governance model provided by our team helps us in offering the right information level to the right stakeholders and that too at the right time.

The specialists, at MAMSYS, coordinate with the development teams of the clients, and come with the results that exhibit the accurate balance between the speed and the quality. No matter what agile methodology you go for, the agile experts available at MAMSYS will provide you with a customized agile centric testing strategy, and we do so by proficiently merging with our client’s team. Thus, in order to meet the agile needs, we take into account the quality and make sure not to disrupt the required speed and flexibility.

We deliver Agile Testing services by combining the pre-built test suites into the development environment. All in all, we help our clients in identifying the defects, eliminating redundancy and strengthening the Quality Assurance of the applications while they are in a development stage. The core team, at MAMSYS, aims to achieve true agility.

By performing a complete maturity assessment for a client’s organization, we help you maximize the benefits of your agile projects with no defect at all.

The purpose behind the collaboration of our efficient team with the development team of a client is to improve Continuous Integration, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), and Test Driven Development (TDD). We aim towards strengthening the iterative coding and infrastructure calibration. We also do so for defining, testing, measuring, reporting, and retesting quality assurance. Another purpose is to deliver agile quality assurance dashboards. At MAMSYS, we tend to adopt an adaptive test approach that identifies the changes that take place in the development stage. The agile testing process available at MAMSYS provides support to a number of agile practices.

Moreover, we also take into account a Distributed Agile Framework that delivers agility and makes sure to offer quality.

Other Agile Services

Agile Consulting and Training

We, at our company, offer a wide range of comprehensive training seminars and workshops along with a number of consultant assessments. Our team of highly skilled consultants will co-ordinate with you to recognize your needs and will provide you with comprehensive reporting about the areas that you need to address and the customized strategy in the process.

Agile Software Development

We offer customized application development services that are delivered on-site either in the offices or on the premises of the client globally.

Agile Testing

Our dedicated and experienced team of Testing and Quality Assurance professionals works on a wide range of agile projects. Moreover, we offer a number of skills in the areas like Agile Test Approaches, Agile Test Strategy, Exploratory Testing, Test Automation, Non-Functional Testing (which includes loading testing, Performance Testing, etc), and many more.

The testers available at MAMSYS have a prior experience as developers, and thus, they can help your organization to develop a high quality and reliable software. Quality Assurance Engineers communicate with the developers and provide efficient results by working as one unit. The overall Agile Software Development Process implemented at MAMSYS helps a client in accelerating the project timeframe and increasing the quality of the code. In order to support the objectives of a project, we take into account all the quality issues, thus, helping you to develop a better quality software rapidly.

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