Mamsys Consulting Services not only supports the technology in your business but also helps the organization thrive in this digital transformative age.

Today's technology is reshaping the world, creating opportunities and disruption across sectors. Mamsys helps organizations quickly evolve and seize the opportunities, orchestrates the transformation organization-wide, and promptly mitigates the risks that the changes could create by bringing together the power of people, technology, and innovation as a continuous way of working.


As a leader of an organization, growing your business and adapting to the new landscape demands a careful balance of performance, skills, technology, and resources.

An organization that succeeds in bringing the transformation does more than prosper, they create exponential value that lasts for decades. They develop new processes, services, and products building an entirely new business all deployed at a speed and quality to meet the customer and employee needs.

Mamsys Consulting Services works as the core engine that sits at the centre of the business. We bring innovation, drive meaningful contributions, and redefine business as a continuous process helping organizations move and adapt faster. We put agility, predictability, business thinking, and operating models into a transformative mindset investing the right percentage of effort parallelly to drive value from everything. We take what is called the ‘future-back’ approach where your business will remain relevant in the next 2, 5, or 10 years from now.

  • Invest 70% of effort in making the business foundation strong for a future growth

  • Invest 20% of effort in optimizing the existing capabilities

  • Invest 10% of effort in identifying something new and disruptive opportunities for the future

  • Plan – invest – scale and Design – build – test - iterate are the proven methods to bring disruption

CIO/CTO/CISO Strategic Consulting - Helping Leaders with IT Driven Business Strategy

Mamsys helps companies in identifying the big moves required and delivering a winning transformation coupled with deep industry expertise.

Mamsys consulting team is led by leaders and entrepreneurs who have successfully built million-dollar start-ups, helped fortune 500 companies in assessing and maturing their technology, and developed IT strategic plans for numerous other mid to large-scale organizations. Our strategic practitioners combine fact-based business insight with a cutting-edge IT roadmap to help business leaders in making the most critical business decision, achieve sustainable performance objectives, and bring transformational success.

Enterprise-wide performance lift with a core focus on infrastructure model that builds capabilities, drives action, and accelerates impact

Tech enabled performance transformation to enable large-scale process automation and digitization for a measurable growth

Strategic IT roadmap and transformation to help companies identify and address major value-creation levers for long-term performance

Mamsys Key Principles for Consulting Services

Mamsys consulting services are built around four key principles; we focus on the relationships with our clients giving the time and effort to understand their activities, business environment, and IT capabilities; less is more where we focus on things that matter, things that are important and things that can bring change; creativity coupled with excellence, a combination that can help achieve greater things; a result oriented approach where we make sure that our actions contribute to the fulfilment of our clients end goal.

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