Mamsys Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) provides efficient, reliable, secured, and cost-effective solutions with a focus on next-generation technology enablement in your IT landscape.

Whether you are new to the cloud or already somewhere in the middle of your cloud journey, Mamsys provides all kinds of cloud and infrastructure services that are flexible, efficient, high-performing, and cyber secured. Our professional cloud engineers are certified and experienced in working with popular cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean.


Our team has effectively transformed our client’s IT environment by successfully managing and upgrading their IT infrastructure.

We tackle the IT challenges of a business by bringing an enterprise-level transformation enabling our clients to be more successful than their competitors. We have helped our multiple clients to automate their workloads, become more agile, and pursue next-generation innovation by integrating their existing with new IT solutions in more secured, cost-effective, and simpler ways.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Managed Cloud Services

  • IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security

Doing the Cloud Right

Cloud is not all about IT, it is about the journey and doing it right for the business growth. When done right, the cloud has helped businesses venture into new levels of revenue, growth, and efficiency.

In Mamsys, we have implemented Cloud to align with the company’s goals and in response, we have seen both business and systems improve and be more secure with time.

  • Advise and Strategize Cloud is complex and there is no one size fits all approach. That’s why Mamsys provides tailor-made solutions that meet the organizational goals and industry demands while keeping the cultural and economic stability of the company in mind. We begin by accessing the current situation and creating a roadmap to maximize the cloud potential.
  • Implement and Govern Any strategy is successful when it is built on a reliable foundation. Whether Mamsys is your cloud partner for migrating into a data center, modernizing for a cloud-first organization, or developing your applications in the cloud, Mamsys cloud experts will build a reliable foundation on which the growth and innovation of your IT products & infrastructure will be easier.
  • Operate, Protect, and Innovate Operating in a cloud environment is both complex and challenging. Mamsys cloud engineers provide efficient infrastructure management that is both cyber secured and compliant delivering resilient and reliable cloud operation and management. We offer business outcomes as a set of cloud-hosted, scalable, and on-demand services to help our clients innovate and realize the full value of your cloud.

Mamsys IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services for Diverse Business

Although IT Infrastructure services are implemented to simplify processes, the management becomes complex and larger in scope with time.

Mamsys IT infrastructure monitoring services help ease in operation, bring clarity of information, improves reporting, and helps in cost saving. Irrespective of business and industry, our IT infrastructure monitoring services have benefited our clients in several ways.

Real-time performance monitoring of your technology infrastructure.
Tracking and monitoring the health of various applications for optimal performance.
Automate work to reduce labor, costs, and impactful events and incidents.
Streamline day-to-day operations to free up the valuable time of the employees.
Agile and flexible strategy for a proactive management procedure.
Rapid response and backup plans for any unforeseen disruptive conditions like cyber-attack, data loss events, etc.
Reduced downtime by accelerating the deployments and decreasing repair time.
Improve the overall performance and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

The Frontline of Digital Transformation

Cloud and Infrastructure Services (CIS) are the frontline of any organization’s Digital Transformation plan. Today enterprise success and failure are directly connected to the effectiveness of their IT services and the IT environment. In today’s agile environment cloud is the catalyst that fuels innovation, and good infrastructure is necessary to support that change. Mamsys has been a driving partner for many such organizations who wanted the transformation but did know how to begin the digital transformation journey. We helped them converge man and machine through a digital journey by creating a plethora of solutions catering to all their digital transformation needs.

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