Westcott All Purpose Value Scissors, 8, Stainless Steel, Straight

Westcott All Purpose Value Scissors, 8, Stainless Steel, Straight

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Westcott has provided the world with innovative and well designed products for over a century at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality. To help you choose the right product for your needs. The scissor has a durable stainless steel blade to make a straight cut. Lightweight, durable, stainless steel blades are corrosion-resistant. The Westcott All Purpose scissor is great for everyday light-use like cutting paper, photos and ribbon.


Westcott 8 Straight All-purpose Value Multi-Color Scissors 3 pk. – The Krazy Coupon Outlet

The high performance Titanium Bonded blades provide three times the strength of classic stainless steel blades and they stay sharp and effective even after long use. The redesigned ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort during use.


Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, 8 Long, 3.5 Cut Length, Navy Straight Handle

All-purpose 8 scissors have straight plastic handles. Ideal for light everyday use in the home or office. Lightweight, durable, stainless steel


Westcott All Purpose 8 Stainless Steel Straight Scissors - 8 Overall Length - Straight-left/right - Stainless Steel - Pointed Tip - Blue - 1 Each

Westcott high-quality scissors come in several different designs, each tailored specifically for their segment: children or adults, home or the office, and many other distinctions. All Westcott scissors are sharp, have good balance, are lightweight and coated with technology that provides protection, resilience, durability, and strength. Westcott uses knowledge, skills, and methods developed since 1876, combined with the latest technology to create the best products available.


Westcott Value Scissors, 8 inch Straight Handle


Westcott Scissors Straight Stainless Steel 8 inch Black all Purpose Bonded New


Westcott All Purpose Value Scissors, 8, Stainless Steel, Straight, Black, 3-Pack


Westcott All Purpose Value Stainless Steel Scissors 8 Straight Pink Ribbon - Office Depot


Westcott 8 All Purpose Burgundy Scissors - Zerbee


Westcott All Purpose Value Stainless Steel Scissors 8 Pointed Assorted Colors Pack Of 3 - Office Depot