Fiskars 6 Recycled All-Purpose Scissors | Fiskars #150610-1001

Fiskars 6 Recycled All-Purpose Scissors | Fiskars #150610-1001

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Fiskars 6 Recycled All-Purpose Scissors are ideal for cutting cardstock, paper, light fabric and more. These are scissors you can feel good about

Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors are the perfect choice for people with arthritis or limited hand strength. Winner of the Arthritis Foundation? s Ease of Use Commendation, a spring-action design opens the blades after each cut, greatly reducing the effort needed for this motion. High-grade, stainless steel blades feature a precision-ground edge that stays sharp longer and cuts all the way to the tip ? essential for anyone who cuts fabric.

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Fiskars 8 Inch Recycled Scissors, 2-Pack (01-005086J,1000_QL80_.jpg

Fiskars 9 RazorEdge Easy Action Fabric Shears

Fiskars Scissors with stainless steel blades are precision-ground and hardened for a sharp, long-lasting edge. 6 inch Recycled Black- Handles contain 90% post-consumer recycled plastic. All-purpose scissors great for paper, cardstock, and light fabric. Ergonomic handle offers unmatched comfort and cutting accuracy.

Fiskars Scissors 6 Recycled Black

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Fiskars ReNew Recycled Fabric Scissors - 8 Craft

Fiskars Cuts + More Multi-tool Scissors, Includes

Kids love the colorful, comfortable grip and the improved cutting control of the pointed-tip design. The Softgrip Pointed-tip Kids Scissors give children a scissors that's safe and comfortable to use with a blade tip design that offers excellent cutting control. Additionally, it features a creative, colorful handle that makes cutting fun for kids. Like all of Kids Scissors, Softgrip Pointed-tip Kids Scissors feature innovative safety-edge blades for high-quality cutting with a safer blade angle.

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Fiskars 6 Recycled All-Purpose Scissors