Baby Self Feeding Spoons and Beginner Bowls : NumNum®

Baby Self Feeding Spoons and Beginner Bowls : NumNum®

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GOOtensil pre-spoon, self feeding baby spoons, bowls, and other products. NumNum's award winning products are great for teaching your baby to self feed.

Baby Self Feeding Spoons and Beginner Bowls : NumNum®

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A stage one baby bowl + stage one and two spoon set for kids just starting utensils, the NumNum Starter Kit is the perfect addition to your baby led weaning supplies list. Ideal for feeding infants or toddlers learning to self feed.

NumNum Starter Kit | Baby Bowl and Spoons Set (STAGE 1 + Stage 2) | BPA Free Silicone ToddlerFeeding Supplies | Baby LED Weaning Bowl and Baby

For Six Months and Up: A baby bowl for kids starting with silicone serving utensils, These is the perfect addition to the high chair. Great for babies,350_QL80_.jpg

NumNum Beginner Bowl | Baby Bowl | BPA Free Silicone Self Feeding Baby + Toddler Dish | Baby Led Weaning Bowl for Kids Ages 6 Months+

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Functional Silicone Baby Bowl and Baby Spoon Set for BLW

NumNum Self-Feeding Starter Kit

NumNum Self-Feeding Starter Kit

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